Introducing our Co-Founder Surender Nadarajan

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce my Co-Founder Surender Nadarajan to you all. Surender is a good friend of mine and a colleague at my previous organization. We’ve worked together for more than 3 years and know each other very well. It was a great coincidence that when I was looking for a Co-Founder for Saleslift, he was also exploring new opportunities. I started to pitch the idea, showed him what we’ve done so far and the vision of Saleslift. After a few more meetings, he agreed to join Saleslift. Below is his message to our community.

“Friends, it is with great pleasure I announce my joining at as a Co-Founder. I spent my last 5 years at Owler, which was a great experience. Growing to become a Director of Engineering in such a short span of time has given me a lot of learning and confidence. When I left Owler in January, I had no job. I wanted to take a break for a couple of months and then figure out what I would do next.

During this break, I got a call from Pradeep. The company that he founded,, needed a technical Co-Founder and he wanted to know if I would take it up. I was excited as I have always wanted to start something on my own. We had a few discussions and I knew this had great potential. I had no hesitations in joining once I knew what we were trying to solve.

It’s been close to 6 months already, and we’ve grown very fast. The users love our product and I think we’ve identified the product-market fit. Our next step is to take it to the next level and I’m excited about the challenges involved. Some of the upcoming features include an integration for Salesforce and AI based predictive prospecting. This is a place where I can realize my dreams and I’m looking forward to the next few exciting months.”

I am really excited about having Surender as my Co-Founder. In the 6 months since he joined, we’ve launched several new products and gained huge traction. We also have a number of upcoming product launches. Exciting times ahead!