Introducing Google Sheets Add-on Email Finder

We are so excited to introduce launch our brand new offering – Google Sheets Add-on Email Finder.

Google Sheets is an amazing productivity tool used by a lot of people in Sales, Marketing and Recruiting functions. All of them need business emails and so we thought that the ability to get emails from name and domain in Google sheets will be a very useful feature that our users would love.

How it works?

Add-on Production

Get the add-on from here. Once you are in, all you have to do is give the list of names and domains for which you need the email address along with your Saleslift account email and the API token.

We will then start to process the contacts and give back the email address along with the confidence level for each email. For contacts for which we cannot find the email address, it will be left blank.

We have built this in a way such that it follows the design guidelines provided by Google for building add-ons so that the user experience is seamless. As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Please get the add-on from here and let us know what you think.