Announcing Saleslift’s first major milestone – 1,000 Users

Today we’ve reached an important milestone! We are thrilled to announce that 1,000 users now use Saleslift for finding business contacts. We launched in September, with a mission to provide up to date business contacts, covering the complete spectrum – Title, Industry, Specialities, Social Profiles, Location and much more. We are constantly working towards providing this 360º view of business contacts.

In the last 5 months, with the active contribution from our 1,000 users, we’ve built an incredible set of data that includes

  • Millions of business contacts with Email, Title, Department, Level and Location
  • Accounts: Basic account data on several million accounts
  • Technology Stack: More than 7,000 technologies used by these accounts

With Account Based Marketing (ABM), there is a paradigm shift towards how Sales and Marketing teams drive the business growth. Decision makers and buyers are armed with tons of information and several options to choose from. So it is important for Sales and Marketing professionals to know more not just about the accounts, but about their leads as well. This helps in more personalised conversations resulting in higher conversion.

This milestone is an important validation to the success of our mission. We would like to take this moment to thank our loyal users who made this possible. Next stop – 10,000 users.

Would you like to join the party? – Sign up at and get access to several million business contacts and sales development process.